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Insights from the experts in the home entertainment industry. Get the inside scoop on entertainment news, DVD and Blu-ray releases, and the behind-the-scenes happenings at key studios and entertainment industry retailers.

From the Editor
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When Will They Stop Blaming DVD?    13 Oct, 2009

Blog By: Stephanie Prange

I’ve been in this industry long enough to remember when it was a sort of backwater for the...More>>

An Impressive List of Women    27 Oct, 2009

Blog By: Stephanie Prange

<i>Home Media Magazine</i> has unveiled its 2nd annual honorary list of Women in Home Entertainment...More>>

A Long-Awaited Industry Gathering    12 Nov, 2009

Blog By: Stephanie Prange

Last week’s Blu-Con 2.0 brought together the home entertainment industry, which hasn’t convened...More>>

Blu-ray Hits a Magic Price Point    17 Dec, 2009

Blog By: Stephanie Prange

Whether boding well or ill for the business in the long run, the Blu-ray Disc hit that magic $10...More>>

Digital and Disc Can Play Nice    12 Jan, 2010

Blog By: Stephanie Prange

Theaters, Blu-ray and digital delivery serve different needs, and they can and will coexist.More>>

Title Contraction Paring Disc Sales?    29 Jul, 2010

Blog By: Stephanie Prange

<b>Steph Sums It Up:</b> Considering the headwinds, disc sales are pretty strong, showing...More>>

A 9/11 Reflection    11 Sep, 2011

Blog By: Erik Gruenwedel

News editor Erik Gruenwedel reflects upon his visit to the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2000.More>>