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THX Media Director Coming to TVs, Set-tops

11 Apr, 2011 By: Chris Tribbey

Starting in 2012, the audio and video of your latest Blu-ray Disc or DVD will be automatically fine-tuned by the player to the exact specifications filmmakers intended, thanks to new technology from THX and Rovi Corp.

THX Media Director allows metadata for specific content to be relayed to the hardware — from TVs to receivers — allowing for automatic picture and video fixes. Rovi’s professional production tools, Scenarist and CineVision, allow authoring houses to associate THX Media Director metadata with encoded video on discs. In essence, THX is attempting to bridge the gap between what artists intended and what shows up on your home screens.

Additionally, THX Media Director has been added to more than 10,000 titles in Rovi’s RoxioNow digital entertainment library, with more titles being enhanced daily, THX said.

“Hollywood relies on products such as Scenarist and CineVision to author and encode titles, and by integrating THX Media Director into the Rovi workflow we’re helping the entertainment community finally bridge the gap between creative intent and consumer playback,” THX SVP Rick Dean said. “THX Media Director will be included in the latest slate of Blu-ray Discs and DVDs, and is already available in the RoxioNow over-the-top content.

“As consumption patterns change, the commitment to quality entertainment experiences should not be compromised,” he added. “THX Media Director ensures that the highest-quality experiences are possible without the frustration often caused by the unnecessary complexity of adjusting settings on home theater equipment.”

THX Media Director-enabled devices will be available in early 2012 from LG Electronics, Logitech, JVC, Epson America and Onkyo, with THX promising more hardware partner announcements soon.

“We plan to support THX Media Director in future-generation HDMI-based audio products,” said Ben Gibson, director of product marketing for Logitech Audio. “Home theater technology today can offer an audio experience that is comparable to being in a modern cinema. Many consumers, however, don’t realize that the right audio and video settings are key to achieving this experience. By supporting THX Media Director in our upcoming products, we expect to deliver a far more enthralling yet hassle-free entertainment experience in our customers’ homes.”

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