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3D Groups Merge

16 Aug, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

The 3D@Home Consortium and the International 3D Society have merged to form the largest 3D group in the world, with members in 20 countries and chapters in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, China and South Korea.

The merger has been ratified by leadership of both groups and is effective immediately.

“This newly formed organization will serve to spearhead the growth and expansion of the 3D entertainment industry across the entire ecosystem — from content conception and development, to consumer education and adoption,” said Tom Cosgrove, co-chair of I3DS and 3D@Home and president and CEO of 3net. “Across all platforms where 3D is expanding, everywhere consumers are consuming 3D content, and in any way the 3D format is being utilized, our organization is there to support our members and advance the growth of this prolific medium.”

The combined group includes more than 60 companies and more than 500 individuals. Companies include Disney, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures, Pixar, ESPN, Panasonic, Dolby Labs, RealD, Imax, Microsoft, Technicolor, Samsung, Sony Electronics, Turner Broadcasting, Vizio and more.

“3D entertainment in the home has become an affordable proposition, with entry level sets falling below $1,000,” said Dan Schinasi, co-chair of I3DS and 3D@Home and senior TV planner at Samsung Electronics. “Consumers today also enjoy increasing content options such as 3D video on Blu-ray or via a streaming channel, broadcast programs such as sports, or even make their own 3D content.”

I3DS president Jim Chabin will lead the combined organization staff.

“In no other field are creative artists and technology professionals so dependent on partnership and mutual support,” he said. “This new group connects professionals and markets from Hollywood to Silicon Valley, to Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, London, Brussels, and 20 other countries. This is 3D’s leadership and voice coming together to fuel the growing 3D revolution.”


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