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Mulligans (DVD Review)

2 Mar, 2009 By: Billy Gil


Prebook 3/3/09; Street 4/21/09
$24.95 DVD
Stars Charlie David, Thea Gill.

Mulligans takes an extended golf metaphor — a mulligan is when someone takes a do-over swing after their first shot sucks — and applies it to getting another shot at life. I’ll apply some more golf metaphors to this film and say, if you really like gay-themed movies and seeing an older man with a younger man onscreen, this film’s a hole-in-one; if such things don’t interest you, Mulligans is a bit of a shank.

Charlie David, writer of the film, stars as Chase, a young gay man in the closet who is invited to spend the summer with his roommate, Tyler, and Tyler’s family. Chase doesn’t reveal to Tyler that he’s gay until well into the summer, and the film does well at hinting at Chase’s struggle to be open with his sexuality, not making it obvious until he, himself, comes out and says it.

The film’s seemingly central plotline — the sexual tension between Chase and his buddy’s Dad — is its weakest. The brief love scenes are tasteful but also full of Hallmark moments — eating ice cream on the couch in their underwear, skinnydipping in the lake. Those with daddy fetishes may be disappointed.

More interesting and well-executed are the legitimate concerns of Tyler’s mom, played well by Thea Gill (of popular gay-themed shows “Dante’s Cove” and “Queer as Folk”), when she thinks her young daughter may be a lesbian, or Tyler and Chase’s strained friendship, or how the family deals with how things unfold. Few films delve into such topics sensitively, so it was nice to see this one go for it.

And if the melodrama gets a bit too much to handle, a handful of gratuitous just-out-of-the-shower scenes improve matters.

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