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And While We Were Here (Blu-ray Review)

15 Dec, 2012 By: Ashley Ratcliff

Well Go USA
Box Office $0.01 million
$24.98 DVD, $29.98 Blu-ray
Rated ‘R’ for some sexual content, language and brief drug use.
Stars Kate Bosworth, Jamie Blackley, Iddo
Goldberg, Claire Bloom.

Jane and Leonard are the storybook example of the strain that poor communication can unnecessarily place on a relationship. And While We Were Here is a compelling drama that unfolds on the island of Ischia, Italy, leaving the pair in even more disarray when their brief stay ends.

Leonard (Iddo Goldberg) is a tightly wound concert violist in town to perform with the symphony orchestra. His freelance writer wife, Jane (Kate Bosworth), accompanies him to the foreign land — a virtual wonderland of adventure to her. She spends her days working on her grandmother’s memoir about her life during both World Wars and looking for ways to pass the time. In doing so, she meets Caleb (Jamie Blackley), a playful expatriate who brings Jane loads of excitement.

What her marriage lacks she makes up with intense passion for the 19-year-old, and the two quickly have an affair. Meanwhile, Jane and Leonard drift oceans apart, emotionally and physically. She doesn’t gain much sympathy, however, instead coming across as cold and selfish. Through the carefree
recollections recorded by her grandmother (voiced by Claire Bloom), Jane seems to feel empowered to let go and live dangerously. It’s just a shame that she finds herself at her husband’s expense.

The ‘will they, won’t they?’ question as to the married couple’s future keeps viewers enthralled in the lopsided love triangle that speeds along in 83 minutes.

Included on the disc is a black-and-white version of And While We Were Here that gives the film a vintage, romantic feel. My advice would be to watch this visually stunning cut first, as it’s the way writer-director Kat Coiro originally intended it.

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