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Home Media Magazine’s splashy new Web site!

12 Sep, 2008 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Welcome to Home Media Magazine’s splashy new Web site! Yeah, I know the old one wasn’t bad, but this new one is way better. If nothing else, it let’s me talk to you all the time now courtesy of our hot new blogging software!

I’ll admit, I’m used to the old soapbox—a traditional column in which I weigh in on one or more Heavy Issue. Blogging is more a stream-of-consciousness deal, where I spout whatever’s on my mind. So here goes…

Lipstick on a pig. How many times have we heard that in the last few days—and when is one of our reviewers going to use this if a really terrible movie gets a wealth of great special features? Hey, Fritz, any plans for a deluxe collector’s edition of Gigli?...

We’re counting down the weeks until the fourth quarter. Our suspicions that everyone’s going to rally and really push Blu-ray Disc this fourth quarter appear to be coming true. Not only are we seeing an unprecedented number of hot new releases, both recent theatricals and catalog, but the studios are all of a sudden really starting to advertise their Blu-ray slates. Wait until you see what we have coming in the next few issues of the magazine!

Speaking of Blu-ray, I hope you all caught the significance of what happened on the charts last week. A special edition of “Transformers,” a year-old movie, debuted at No. 3 on the national sales chart primarily because of its strong Blu-ray Disc showing. Blu-ray Disc accounted for two-thirds of total sales, according to an analysis of Nielsen VideoScan First Alert numbers. “Transformers” had initially been released by Paramount/DreamWorks last year in DVD and HD DVD only, but still, the Blu-ray showing is remarkable. We’re hearing first-week Blu-ray Disc sales of nearly 70,000 units—a remarkable figure by any measure.

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