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Deleted Scenes is Just the Latest Video-Inspired Band

By Billy Gil | Posted: March 13, 2009

During my daily perusal of the newly redesigned music site pitchfork.com (just kidding, T.K., I’m working really hard!), I saw an album review by a band whose name caught my eye for obvious reasons: Deleted Scenes.

Working at a home video trade magazine, you hear a lot about deleted scenes, as well as commentaries, special features, Blu-ray, DVD, VOD, DTV, HDTV, HDVDTVDVDVD (that one I made up, but things ARE getting that ridiculous, acronym-wise). So, of course, I checked them out based on name alone, and what do you know: pretty good. You can stream their entire album, Birdseed Shirt, through Pitchfork’s partnership with Lala (pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/12786-birdseed-shirt/).

I told my co-worker, managing editor Angelique Flores, about the band, to which my fellow editor and music aficionado replied: “They should play with VHS or Beta.” Ha!

I decided to check to see if any other video-inspired bands existed, and, lo and behold, they do. Here are a few, and where to find out about them:

-Home Video: Yes, there is a Brooklyn band called Home Video, and they are rather dancey and good. Perhaps we should partner with them in some way.

-DVD: Self-described as “That little ‘ole band from the banks of the steel river, coming down your way and playing a little rock, blues and funky soul.”

-VHS Band: There is a VHS Band: Virginia High School’s marching band The Bearcats, that is! But, for a high school marching band in Bristol, Va., there sure is a lot going on: a blog, MP3s, videos, shopping fundraisers. They’ve got better marketing than a rock band, and I’ve heard their stuff — not to be messed with. They could have kicked my high school marching band’s ass, even with yours truly on the bass drum, that’s for sure.

-Special Edition: “A premier Dallas band specializing in Dance/Pop (Top 40), R&B, Rock and Jazz! Special Edition is available for weddings, private parties corporate events and club dates.” They come in two-disc or three-disc versions with digital copy.

-Download: Wikipedia says they’re “an electronic music group formed by Dwayne Goettel and cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy during 1994.” I’ll take their word for it.

-Betamax: A post-punk band from London, like a moodier Cut Off Your Hands or Bloc Party. Not bad.

-The Betamax Band: Because one Betamax band isn’t enough. This one specializes in novelty jazz. Yikes.

I also saw this Idolator.com blog post about the 2008 CMJ fest, calling the artists “direct-to-video bands.” Hey, direct-to-video has come a long way, did the folks at Idolator SEE Legally Blondes?

I’m thinking about changing my band’s name to The Format War. Or does anyone want to start Blu-ray the band with me?

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