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3-D Gives Me a Headache, But Maybe I’m Just Old

Stephanie Prange

By Stephanie Prange | Posted: February 09, 2009

I’ve long said the glasses are the biggest impediment to 3-D viewing, but another is the headache that ensues from watching an entire feature with glasses.

I went to a 3-D theatrical presentation of Coraline this weekend and had to take the glasses off about halfway through to close my eyes and let the headache subside. I found myself wishing I’d taken my 10-year-old to an old-fashioned 2-D version of the movie. But when you’re paying more than $10 to see a film, you figure you’d better get as many dimensions for the money as you can.

On the other hand, the 10-year-old kept the glasses on throughout the whole film, which is encouraging, and she said she enjoyed it.

On my own, I saw Frost/Nixon in old-fashioned 2-D and noticed I was probably one of the youngest persons in line — and it was a line. Frost/Nixon played in only one theater in the area over the weekend, hence the crowd.

It got me to thinking that at home on disc would be where many people would finally see Frost/Nixon, those that couldn’t find a convenient theater, and that, without the disc, most might miss this wonderful film, which was enjoyable in any dimension.

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