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Warner Slates June MOD Lineup

4 Jun, 2009 By: Billy Gil

warner bros

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group will release 21 classics as part of its Warner Archive Collection manufacture-on-demand service this month. The films can be selected at www.WarnerArchive.com.

The new additions include 1934 Academy Award nominee for best picture Flirtation Walk, starring Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler, as well as Bright Leaf, starring Gary Cooper, Lauren Bacall and Patricia Neal. Seven silent films also are available, including When a Man Loves, with John Barrymore; with more silent films available June 15, including Marie Dressler in four films, such as her Academy Award-winning turn in Min and Bill.

The six-title Gary Cooper collection can be purchased for $59.95 and includes Bright Leaf, Saratoga Trunk, Task Force, Operator 13, Today We Live and One Sunday Afternoon. A Dick Powell/Ruby Keeler collection at $49.95 comprises three films in which the actors were paired, including Flirtation Walk, Shipmates Forever and Colleen; the collection also includes Powell’s Happiness Ahead and Keeler’s Ready, Willing and Able.

The collection currently has 207 films, with more than 300 total to be made available by the year’s end.

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