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Warner Rediscovers Fitness

8 Oct, 2008 By: Erik Gruenwedel

A veteran of professional team sports video, Warner Home Video is getting off the couch and into workout mode with a series of new fitness DVDs.

The studio Dec. 16 will bow the first of four workout DVDs featuring separately “Dancing with the Stars” alum Lisa Rinna, and Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, co-authors of the renowned best-selling tough love diet guide Skinny Bitch.

Lisa Rinna Dance Body Beautiful: Jive Jump, Ballroom Bump and Lisa Rinna Dance Body Beautiful: Ballroom Learn and Burn retail for $14.98 each.

Each 60-minute disc showcases Rinna and “Dancing” partner Louis Van Amstel doing easy-to-learn techniques that gradually upgrade to work every muscle in the body. Bonus materials include interview with Rinna and featurette “Rock Out Dancers Abs.”

Skinny Bitch Fitness: Boot Camp and Skinny Bitch: Body ($14.98 each) offer Freedman and Barnouin together with trainer Patrick Goudeau huffing and puffing through a series of workouts designed to make you skinny.

Bonus material includes interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, mediation sessions.

Warner is also releasing revamped DVDs Abs of Steel: Sculpting and Toning and Buns of Steel: Sculpting and Toning ($14.98) with veteran fitness expert Leisa Hart, who starred in 14 “Buns of Steel” videos for WHV in the 1990s.

Each disc includes additional bonus workout challenges targeting abs, buns, hip and back.

Don Polite, executive director of sports marketing at Warner Home Video, said unlike other celebrity workout DVDs, Rinna had developed a fitness background working with Van Amstel for her “Dancing” appearance.

“They extended that partnership and relationship to a dance class that they do together in here in [Los Angeles] called Cardio Ballroom,” Polite said. “A lot of what you see is their efforts on the show and what they do now everyday.”

Warner is planning two additional Rinna DVDs, including Lisa Rinna Dance Body Beautiful: Ballroom Body Blast for next spring and Lisa Rinna Dance Body Beautiful: Hip Hop Ballroom in August 2009.

“If all goes well, we hope to anniversary this release strategy starting next December,” Polite said.

He characterized co-authors Freedman and Barnouin as archetypical “New York bad-asses” whose literary success (No. 1 on the New York Times Bestseller List) about diet and social foods has developed a cult following and lends itself to fitness videos.

The DVD packaging, fonts and style are mirrored after the book.
A third fitness DVD with the authors is planned for next April, according to Polite.

“It’s a chance to bring out the personalities of these [women] … on DVD,” he said. “If that goes well, we want to keep this thing going.”

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