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Venture Bros. — Season 3 (Blu-ray Review)

19 Mar, 2009 By: John Latchem


Street 3/24/09
$29.98 two-DVD set, $44.98 Blu-ray
Not rated.

The big hook for this third-season set of Adult Swim’s “Venture Bros.” is that it’s the network’s first release on Blu-ray Disc, which should please the show’s fanboy audience to no end. Fans of shows such as “South Park” and “Drawn Together” also may find themselves liking “Venture Bros.”

The show spoofs 1960s adventure cartoons such as “Jonny Quest,” as well as superhero and James Bond action fantasies, to present a fresh take on the genre. That its creators are allowed to play in the realm of the uncensored is a benefit, and the old-school animation style really comes alive in high-def.

The home video versions include amusing commentary with the show’s creators and deleted sequences pieced together with storyboards with dialogue.

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