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Survey: British Families Love TV DVD

22 Feb, 2011 By: Chris Tribbey

A survey commissioned by Warner Home Video found that British families spend five hours a week eating together, but double that watching TV together.

Warner commissioned the survey of 3,000 families for the launch of a promotion that offers Warner and HBO DVD season one sets for 7 pounds.

“Watching TV box sets has well and truly become a popular past time in the U.K. over the past five years, even with the emergence of video-on-demand and downloads,” said Ian Fullerton, marketing director for HBO Entertainment. “Families have said they would stay up past their bedtimes to watch more of a box set together, turning down nights out in favor of staying in and watching their favorite shows.”

Almost half of the families surveyed said they watched DVD boxed sets together, with a third saying they watched a full series over a weekend. One in four parents said they send their kids to bed early in order to watch more episodes of a show.

“Friends,” “Entourage,” “True Blood” and “The Sopranos” were among the most favorite DVD sets.

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