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Nolan's 'Inception' on Disc Dec. 7

13 Oct, 2010 By: Erik Gruenwedel


Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group will release Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending box office hit Inception Dec. 7 on Blu-ray Disc and DVD.

Inception, which grossed more than $800 million in worldwide box office revenue, stars Oscar nominees Leonardo DiCaprio as a corporate thief of other people’s dreams, Ken Watanabe, and Ellen Page, Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, among others.

Warner is releasing the title in a Blu-ray Combo Pack, featuring Blu-ray, DVD and digital copies of the film, at $35.99, and as a single-disc DVD at $28.98.

The movie will be available on demand via cable and satellite TV, Amazon VOD and iTunes. It will also be available at rental kiosks and subscription services such as Netflix beginning Jan. 1, 2011.

The Blu-ray combo pack special features include “Extraction Mode,’ which allows viewers to learn how the cast and crew designed and achieved the movie's signature moments.

“Dreams: Cinema of the Subconscious” showcases the latest cutting-edge dream research on lucid dreaming, and scientists make the case that the dream world is not an altered state of consciousness, but a fully functional parallel reality.

“Inception: The Cobol Job” features a comic book prologue in which viewers can see how Cobb (DiCaprio), Arthur, and Nash came to be enlisted by Cobol Engineering and perform an extraction on Saito (Watanabe).

Other BD features include a 5.1 soundtrack, conceptual art gallery, art archive, trailers and TV spots. A BD Live function allows viewers with Web-connected BD players to access “Project Somnacin: Confidential Files,” showcasing information on dream-share technology.

The DVD bonus material includes featurettes: “The Inception of Inception,” Christopher Nolan shapes his unusual concepts for Inception, “The Japanese Castle: The Dream is Collapsing,” creating and destroying the castle set; “Constructing Paradoxical Architecture,” — designing the staircase to nowhere; and “The Freight Train,” constructing the street-faring freight train.

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