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Here's to 'The Losers'

21 Jul, 2010 By: Fred Topel

In a world of ultra-serious Bournes and an even less-jokey James Bond, The Losers is a fun alternative to the comic book action movie. The Losers features a gang of black-ops outcasts goofing around through their adventure.

Director Sylvain White says Warner Home Video’s new DVD and Blu-ray releases pack in even more entertainment.

“There are some really fun moments,” White says. “We’re also showing how we constructed some of the action scenes.”

That glimpse at the action comes courtesy of the Blu-ray exclusive featurette “Band of Buddies: OPS Training,” which also includes some intense training sessions conducted by ex-Navy SEALs.

The Losers is based on a comic book series from Vertigo, the more mature branch of DC comics. (The Blu-ray contains an interview with the original artist and writer of the comic.)

Fans who read the comic book may also know that the fate of one character is not as definitive as it appears in the movie. White says he shot an additional scene (which appears on the Blu-ray) straight from the comic book.

“It reveals something about a paradigm shift about one of the characters,” White says.

Both the DVD and Blu-ray also contain a featurette about how star Zoe Saldana mixed it up with the cast and crew.

While some ‘PG-13’ films are released unrated on home video, The Losers won’t be.

“For the violence in the movie, at first the movie was initially an ‘R’ film, and I actually pushed to make it ‘PG-13,’” White says. “For this kind of action you don’t need to censor yourself that much, unless you’re really going to make a point out of the gore. I’m able to shoot and kill a lot of people in ‘PG-13.’”

The Losers may look even better in some homes on Blu-ray Disc than it did on the big screen, according to White. 

“It looks great,” he says. “I actually just went to check the digital print, which will be the same thing that’s on the Blu-ray, and it’s beautiful. The use of colors in the movie is very nice. We really tried to stick to the aesthetic of the comic books, the graphic use of the colors in the comic book. It looks fantastic.”

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