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Wal-Mart Plans Big Promotion for ‘Twilight’ DVD


By Chris Tribbey | Posted: 12 Feb 2009

Wal-Mart stores and the retailer’s Web site will have special Twilight areas when the DVD is released March 21, and fans of the vampire flick can start preordering their copy starting Feb. 12 at Walmart.com/twilight, the company announced.

The site features behind-the-scenes footage of the film and interactive features for fans. All 3,500 brick-and-mortar locations will have special Twilight areas with DVDs, CDs, the book series, apparel, messenger bags and totes, posters, and more.

“Obviously they’re really behind the release. They’re really behind the franchise. It’s unique for the industry,” said Steve Nickerson, president of Summit Home Entertainment. “This is kind of unusual for a DVD release. Most of the time you see this kind of thing done for a theatrical release [in terms of merchandising].

“I think the retailers are being very creative.”

More than one major retailer is expected to host midnight release parties for the film ($185 million at the domestic box office, $324 million worldwide). Best Buy and Target will have the Blu-ray Disc release exclusively, before it’s available to all retailers May 5.

Nickerson would not talk about any exclusives, including the fact that Wal-Mart would get the Blu-ray after Best Buy and Target.

He said the theatrical Web site for Twilight will change to a home video site by the end of February and will point Twilight fans to midnight release parties in their area.

Twilight is a cultural phenomenon that has gripped both teens and adults across the country,” said Greg Hall, VP of merchandising for Wal-Mart. “From the popularity we’ve already witnessed in books and music, we believe ‘Twilighters’ will be very excited about the items and values Wal-Mart will bring together in a new in-store and online experience.”

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