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Dish Network Partners With Slingbox for TV Everywhere

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By : John Latchem | Posted: 07 Jan 2010

Pay-TV provider Dish Network unveiled TV Everywhere at the CES show in Las Vegas Jan. 7.

TV Everywhere provides customers with access to all their live and recorded programming on a laptop, mobile device, or anywhere in the home wirelessly. The key component is the TV Everywhere adapter, developed in partnership with EchoStar Technologies LLC and its affiliate Sling Media Inc.

The adapter adds Slingbox technology to existing Dish Network DVRs through a slim device that connects to the set-top box through a USB port, eliminating the need for an additional power supply. Once activated, the TV Everywhere adapter lets Dish Network customers watch their favorite TV shows anytime and anywhere on laptops and mobile phone.

Those wanting to upgrade their DVR can get the new Dish Network ViP 922, which has the TV Everywhere Slingbox technology built into it. The ViP 922 offers a 1TB hard drive with up to 1,000 hours of recording time.

The company also unveiled its Dish Network Wi-Fi Monitor, a lightweight, portable, high-definition monitor developed by Sling Media that can wirelessly transmit an HD video signal from a set-top box to anywhere in the home via a Wi-Fi network. The monitor offers a 16x9 widescreen format that displays 720p HD quality and controls all features of a connected Dish Network HD DVR receiver, including viewing live TV as well as viewing and managing DVR recordings.

To facilitate control of the devices, Dish Network also introduced the Dish Remote Access Mobile App. Compatible with most SD and HD Dish DVRs, the app lets users set and delete timers on multiple receivers, browse nine days of shows and manage DVR libraries and future recordings. The app also transforms an iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control for televisions connected to compatible Dish Network receivers. The app is now available for free from the iTunes app store.

Dish Network expects to launch the TV Everywhere adapter, the ViP 922 and the WiFi Monitor in the second quarter of 2010.


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