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GameFly Bows TV Campaign

25 Mar, 2009 By: Billy Gil

Game-by-mail service GameFly has begun a TV campaign helmed by marketing agency WongDoody, with a commercial addressing gamers biggest fear: buying a bad video game.

The 30-second GameFly commercial portrays gamers screaming and crying when they realize they have bought bad games. It promotes GameFly’s monthly subscription plan, sporting the message, “Don’t buy a bad game again!”

David Hodess, CEO of GameFly, in a statement touted GameFly’s service in a tough economy.

“GameFly is the easiest way for gamers to try games before making the commitment to purchase them,” Hodess said. “This is especially important now when consumers are carefully considering every expenditure.”

WongDoody has been GameFly’s advertising agency since June 2008.

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