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Water (DVD Review)

21 Sep, 2008 By: Amanda McCorquodale


Street 9/23/08
Victory Multimedia
$29.98 DVD
Not rated.

This new age documentary, from the makers of 2004’s What the Bleep Do We Know?!,  features the findings of an international cast of scientists and researchers to reveal the healing power of water.

The basic premise is that water has a memory and that human intention and behavior affect how molecules arrange themselves in a liquid state.

One of the film’s experts soaked rice in three containers of water. Each day, he said “thank you” to the first water, ignored the second and told the third, “You disgust me.” The expert claims that the rice rotted in the “you disgust me” water while the rice in the “thank you” water had begun to ferment into saké.

Throughout the film, Russian filmmaker Saida Medvedeva presents similar claims from representatives of other fields, such as biology, religion, science, parenting, conservation efforts, behavior and even politics.

This leads to discussions of the benefits of drinking “structured water,” and serves somewhat as a commercial. The film warns audiences to distrust their drinking water which has not been structured by good intention. The company that funded the film sells “Water with Intention.”

The documentary won four first-place distinctions in Russia’s television awards, including best documentary film, best camera work and best producer.

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