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String Theory (DVD Review)

27 Jun, 2010 By: Alexandra Hammarth

Street 6/29/10
$19.95 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Rico Anderson, Carmen Mormino, Janine Venable, Darion Basco, John Colton, Charles Cooper.

String Theory tells the tale of 11 people who cross paths, teaching each other lessons along the way in places they’d never expect. The idea is based on the scientific concept of string theory, which postulates that all existence crosses 11 dimensions.

Narrated by the friendly, laid-back David (Carmen Mormino from “Days of Our Lives”), String Theory focuses on a small, run-down church in Santa Monica that has changed the lives of all who revolve around it. The diverse group includes: Al, the hopeful homeless man; Lindsay (Janine Venable), an inhibited lawyer; Marcus (Rico E. Anderson), an immoral reverend; and Rosie, a caring prostitute.

Among the dominating themes of corruption, disappointment and desperation, there are also many lessons to be learned from this film about dealing with the cards life has dealt. What separates the movie from a conventional drama and a science lesson is narrator David, who tells us the components of string theory throughout the film, and just happens to smoke pot in between.

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