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Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Series, The (DVD Review)

12 Dec, 2010 By: John Latchem

Time Life/Universal
Seasons: 5
Run Dates: 1973-78, 1987, 1989, 1994
$239.95 40-DVD set

The famed sci-fi series makes its DVD debut in this beautiful boxed set that recites a bit of the opening narration when you open the lid. This set has practically everything you need for full immersion into the show, from the original TV movies to the show to the three reunion movies, plus 17 hours of extras. The show currently is only available through the TimeLife.com website. As a companion piece, be sure to pick up The Bionic Woman: Season One as well, which is available in stores everywhere.

Exclusives: The individual seasons have their own separate packaging, but the set includes five bonus discs in a sixth case.

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