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Weston-Jones Talks ‘Copper’

26 Oct, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

BBC America’s first original scripted series, “Copper,” earned the channel’s highest-rated season premiere when it debuted in August (1.8 million viewers), and series lead actor Tom Weston-Jones says that’s no surprise.

“It deals with a grand period of time. It’s intriguing and exciting,” said Weston-Jones, who also appeared on the British series “MI-5” and “World Without End.” “The attention to detail is amazing, and it brings you back to that era.”

“Copper’s” era is 1860s New York City, where Weston-Jones is Det. Kevin Corcoran, a badass Irish immigrant cop who has returned from the Civil War to find his daughter dead and his wife missing.

Investigating crimes in the brutal immigrant neighborhood of Five Points while continuing to search for answers about his family, Corcoran’s search often finds him in a fight with his superiors, and targeted by the elite of Fifth Avenue.

BBC Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video will release season one Oct. 30 on DVD ($49.98) and Blu-ray Disc ($59.98).

Weston-Jones said the series’ biggest asset is its unflinching dedication to the era, from the filth that was New York at that time, to the emerging African-American community, to the haunting aftermath of the Civil War.
Weston-Jones also praises the work done with the bonus features for the disc releases.

“That’s what’s so perfect with DVD,” he said. “Everything that you may have missed the first time around is right in front of you, and the extras show everything that you couldn’t see.”

The actor worked on commentary for several episodes (“That was a bit of a blast”) and pointed viewers to the making-of documentary as the first thing they should check out after they watch the episodes.

There also are deleted scenes, featurettes and character video profiles.

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