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MGM Recruits Fans for ‘Stargate’ Cover


By John Latchem | Posted: 10 Feb 2009

MGM Home Entertainment is giving fans a chance to design the cover art for an upcoming “Stargate Atlantis” best-of compilation to be released on Blu-ray Disc.

Through Feb. 28, fans can visit www.StargateHub.com to upload their own art or work with provided templates. The top designs will be selected by the “Stargate Atlantis” producers, with the winner announced in April and showcased on the Blu-ray release this summer.

The top 10 episodes as chosen by the fans are
1. “Enemy at the Gate” (Episode 100, Season 5 — Series Finale)
2. “Rising” (Episode 1, Season 1 — Pilot)
3. “The Siege” (Episodes 19-21, Seasons 1-2)
4. “Tao of Rodney” (Episode 54, Season 3)
5. “Be All My Sins Remember’d” (Episode 71, Season 4)
6. “The Shrine” (Episode 86, Season 5)
7. “McKay and Mrs. Miller” (Episode 48, Season 3)
8. “Vegas” (Episode 99, Season 5)
9. “Midway” (Episode 77, Season 4)
10. “First Strike” (Episode 60, Season 3)

MGM packaged media is distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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