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'Lancelot Link' Swings To DVD

13 Apr, 2012

James Bond may have experienced his share of monkey business, but it was nothing compared to the ABC Saturday morning spy spoof “Lancelot Link.”

The 1970-72 series starred a cast of chimpanzees whose performances were dubbed with human voices, including Dayton Allen, Joan Gerber, Steven Hoffman and “The Love Boat” star Bernie Kopell.

The show, a comedy in the vein of “Get Smart,” featured a world inhabited by chimps instead of humans. Lancelot Link (Allen) and partner Mata Hairi (Gerber) are the top agents of the Agency to Prevent Evil (APE) in a fight against the evil Baron Von Butcher (Kopell) and his group, the Criminal Headquarters for Underworld Master Plan (CHUMP). Episodes also included musical segments featuring the band Evolution Revolution.

Film Chest will release all 17 episodes as Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp, a three-DVD set due May 29 (order date April 20) at $24.98. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the DVD will go to Los Angeles’ Wildlife Waystation, the current retirement home of Lancelot.

“It was very exciting to find that Lance was still around after all these years and being well cared for in his retirement at the Wildlife Waystation,” said series producer Allan Sandler. “Bringing back all the memories of filming the series is a highlight for me, and I am happy another generation of viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy the show.”

Extras include interviews with Sandler and musical director Bob Emenegger, live video footage of Sandler with Lancelot at the Waystation in 2011, the 1999 documentary short I Created Lancelot Link by Diane Bernard and Jeff Krulik, a picture slideshow of the real-life Lancelot Link and complete Evolution Revolution vignettes from all 17 episodes.

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