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Fox Marks ‘Sunny,’ ‘The League’ on DVD and Blu-ray

15 Sep, 2010 By: Chris Tribbey

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — When it comes to creating a TV series, it helps to know your subject matter. To obsess over it, actually.

That’s why the cast and crew of the FX comedy series “The League” — in which several men in a fantasy football league let their obsession extend into their everyday personal lives — are in their own fantasy football league, and why series co-creator Jeff Schaffer is in five of them.

“I went four for five in opening week,” he said proudly Sept. 14 before the second season premiere (airing Sept. 16).

The one he lost? The cast and crew league, with actor Steve Rannazzisi taking the win.

“You’re damn right!” Rannazzisi said triumphantly, proving that the crazy one-upmanship on the screen may have some basis in reality.

The first season of “The League” is now out on DVD ($29.98) and Blu-ray Disc ($34.98) from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, with both versions packed with “almost an hour of extras, and all the minutes that Fox made us cut for time,” according to series co-creator Jackie Marcus Schaffer.

“And it’s going to look amazing in Blu-ray,” she added. “The show is so beautiful, it belongs on Blu-ray.”

There are extended cuts of all six episodes, more than 45 minutes of unrated and uncut featurettes, deleted scenes and bloopers. “There’s a lot of filth on there,” Rannazzisi confided.

Actor Mark Duplass said his favorite bonus is a longer look at the big furry toy character Mr. McGibblets “as he teaches self defense and sex education.”

“The extras are great because you see what didn’t make it. When improvisation clicks, it’s exciting. When it doesn’t, it’s the worst thing in the world,” said Duplass, who also co-directed Cyrus, among other films that feature improvisation.

Also streeting Sept. 14 from Fox was the fifth season of the wildly popular “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (DVD $39.99, Blu-ray $49.99), with both editions including the season one pilot episode “Archer,” a blooper reel and “Kitten Mittens Endless Loop.” The Blu-ray includes “The Gang’s Dating Profile” and “Schwep Dream Sequence.” Also out now is the complete first season of “Glee” (DVD $59.98, Blu-ray $69.99).

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