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Comedy Central Announces ‘Drawn Together’ Movie

22 Jul, 2009 By: Eui-jo Marquez

"Drawn Together"

Comedy Central Home Entertainment announced the production of The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! based on the animated series “Drawn Together.” Comedy Central Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment will release the film on DVD in March 2010.

“Drawn Together” premiered on Cartoon Network October 2004 and aired for three seasons. It is an animated “Real World” parody in which cartoon characters from different genres of animation, representing iconic archetypes, are brought together to live under one roof.

“[Creators, writers and executive producers] Matt [Silverstein] and Dave [Jeser] are a creatively talented duo with a twisted sensibility that is completely uninhibited and admirable,” said Lauren Corrao, president of original programming and development at Comedy Central. “Without the constraints of producing for basic cable, this movie will showcase their chops the war fans of the show have been waiting for.”

Silverstein and Jeser will be at Comic-Con in San Diego Thursday for The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! panel from 7-8 p.m. with “Drawn Together” stars Cree Summer, James Arnold Taylor, Abbey McBride, Jess Harnell and Tara Strong. They will discuss the new film and host a roundtable discussion on politics and religion in the workplace and where to get a decent sandwich.

This isn’t the first time a canceled animated series returned as a DVD movie. Fox and Comedy Central brought back “Futurama” the same way.

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