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‘The Bionic Woman’ Coming to DVD Oct. 19

21 Jul, 2010 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Universal Studios Home Entertainment will for the first time release famed television series “The Bionic Woman” on DVD — 34 years after the show’s network premiere.

The show introduced Lindsay Wagner as Jamie Sommers, an undercover school teacher who battles evildoers with her superhuman skills.

The four-disc set, which hits retail Oct. 19 at $39.98, includes 13 episodes from the show’s 1976 first season plus five crossover episodes from “The Six Million Dollar Man” (with Lee Majors), and a “Bionic Beginnings” featurette, which tracks evolution of TV’s first Bionic Woman and includes an all-new interview with Wagner.

The bionic woman character with Wagner first appeared as a two-part episode in the second season of “The Six Million Dollar Man,” which featured Majors as Col. Steve Austin, who was rebuilt with bionic parts following a supersonic jet crash.

Other crossover episodes with “The Six Million Dollar Man” include “The Return of the Bionic Woman,” where Austin learns Sommers is still alive after seeing her die from a bionic rejection. However, Sommers has suffered brain damage and no longer remembers anything about her past life, including her relationship with Austin.

“The Return of the Bionic Woman Part II” finds Austin taking Sommers to their hometown of Ojai, Calif., where she is confronted by violent headaches and confusing flashbacks. “Welcome Home, Jaime” launches “The Bionic Woman” spin-off series, in which Oscar Goldman (Richard Anderson), who is head of the Office of Scientific Investigations, arranges a job for Sommers as a schoolteacher and secret agent.

The series also featured Andy Griffith (“Matlock”), Tippi Hedren (The Birds) and Kristy McNichol (“Empty Nest”).

The set also includes commentaries from director Alan J. Levi, writer James D. Parriott and writer/director Kenneth Johnson, a gag reel and a photo gallery.

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