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2009 TV DVD Award Submission Information


CONTACT:     John Latchem


Year’s Best TV DVDs Honored in November

SEPT. 1, 2009 — The best TV DVD titles of the past year will be honored with the sixth annual TV DVD Awards. Winners will be announced in November.

The awards will honor the best TV DVD releases that came to market between Oct. 1, 2008, and Sept. 30, 2009, focusing on the entire DVD treatment — transfer quality, sound and picture, menu design, ease of use, navigation, packaging and other elements relevant to the DVD.

Categories this year include:

•    Best Current Series
•    Best Contemporary Series (1990s & 2000s)
•    Best Vintage Series (1980s and Earlier)
•    Best Animation TV DVD
•    Best Kidvid TV DVD
•    Best Unscripted TV DVD
•    Best Nonfiction TV DVD
•    Best Miniseries/Made-for-TV Movie
•    Best Extras
•    Best TV on Blu-ray
•    Best Complete-Series Set

A panel of judges will select nominees from among all submissions. Winners will be determined by an online consumer vote held in October at TVShowsOnDVD.com, AgentDVD.com and www.HomeMediaMagazine.com.

A “Best of Show” award also will be presented to the title that in the judges’ opinion is the best all around from the entire pool of submitted entries. However, best of show is not a category for separate submissions.

Please return the entry form with valid contact information, along with 10 finished-product copies of each submission per award category (e.g. one title submitted in 2 different categories means 20 copies) to:

TV DVD Awards c/o John Latchem
Home Media Magazine
201 Sandpointe Avenue, Suite 500
Santa Ana, CA 92707

The deadline is Friday, Sept. 25, 2009. Titles received after this date may not be eligible for consideration. Also, for every title submitted on Blu-ray Disc, please include one standard-DVD copy (e.g. 10 Blu-ray copies plus 1 DVD copy).

Winners will be announced in November. Winning DVD suppliers will receive camera-ready artwork so they can produce stickers heralding their title’s selection as a winner.

Submission guidelines are available by following this link.

For information about submission guidelines and categories, visit www.HomeMediaMagazine.com or contact John Latchem at jlatchem@questex.com or 714/338-6755.

Download the Entry Form Here.