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Before You Start Your Week...

22 Mar, 2009 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Greetings — I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and I truly feel honored that you are starting your work week right here, with my blog! Some big news came in, over the weekend: Summit Entertainment's Twilight sold a whopping 3 million DVDs its first day in stores this past Saturday. Home Media Magazine reporters were on the scene; click here to read their report. Also, Warner Home Video announced big plans to manufacture, on demand, titles from its 6,800-film vault that aren't currently available on DVD. Only about 1,200 titles from the Warner library are out on DVD at this point, and while the studio will continue to debut new catalog titles on DVD — based largely on how well these same films fared on VHS, which over the course of 20-plus years saw the release of about 4,100 films — many more titles will become available in this fashion, beginning with an initial wave of 150 titles that will grow to 350 titles by Christmas. Check out the Home Media Magazine Web site for the full story; for the consumer version, please see my story in today's USA Today by clicking here. Lastly, a cherished friend, Bruce Apar, former editor in chief of Video Business, wrote a particularly poignant tribute to his late son, Harrison, in the community paper he now runs in Connecticut. To all of you who knew Bruce back in the proverbial day: please read this (click here). It's one of the most touching essays I've ever read, and one of the finest pieces of writing, as well. I still remember Harrison and Bruce on the bus to the Super Bowl in 1999, I think it was — Bruce was telling his son to sit by him, while Harrison plopped himself down right next to me and said, "I'm going to sit with T.K." A truly spectacular kid, this Harrison Apar.

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