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Toshiba to Go Blu?

24 Jun, 2009 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Interesting buzz today about Toshiba potentially going Blu-ray. Apparently outgoing Toshiba president Atsutoshi Nishida, in a company shareholder meeting, said the Japanese consumer electronics giant may finally have a change of heart regarding the victorious high-definition optical disc format.
"It makes no sense to decide not to enter the Blu-ray market simply because we lost the DVD format war," he is reported to have said. "We cannot change the fact that we lost." (Check out our story by Erik Gruenwedel by clicking here.)
If true, it's about time! I've always felt Toshiba was acting irrationally by refusing to go Blu after the bitter defeat of its HD DVD format in January 2008. I hate cliches, but this truly was a case of cutting off one's nose to spite the face. Toshiba is a great company — all my DVD players have been Toshiba — and the company probably lost a lot of momentum, and business, by sitting on the sidelines while Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer and others were busy producing Blu-ray Disc players, especially since Toshiba's first course of action was to rev up its DVD "upconverters," a silly ploy that only made it look foolish and petty. "The other high-def format won and ours lost, so you know what? Maybe we don't need any high-def format! DVD is just fine! Take that, Blu-ray!"
Until last year, I've always considered Toshiba a first-class CE company. Let's hope Toshiba does the right thing and starts producing Blu-ray Disc players, like just about everyone else.


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