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The More the Merrier

25 Jun, 2009 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Reaction in Hollywood is mixed to the move by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to broaden the field of best picture nominees from five to 10, but I for one am a strong proponent of this — and everyone else in home entertainment should be, as well. We've all written about the "Oscar lift" that sees consumer interest in Oscar-nominated titles soar once the nominations are announced, particularly those getting a nod for the most coveted of all the awards, best picture. Lots of people out there want to see all the nominated films before the winner is announced — and each year at least some of the nominated films are already out on DVD/Blu-ray Disc when the noms roll out. See my point?
That's the commercial T.K. From an artistic standpoint, I also believe it's a good thing, since best picture nominees typically hog the spotlight and all the Academy is doing is casting the spotlight on a wider assortment of films that otherwise might have been overlooked. Academy members, after all, typically don't vote by box office. They do tend to choose quality films, for the most part. Now, they just get to pick more of them.


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