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Justin's Done With YouTube, Back Into Watching DVDs

11 Aug, 2009 By: Thomas K. Arnold

My oldest son, 13-year-old Justin, fits squarely and neatly in the YouTube demographic. And, indeed, he loves watching short clips he finds and then recommends, via text, to his friends (his latest find, I admit, is a real treasure; see for yourself).
But recently I've noticed a change in his behavior. He's not as avid a YouTube watcher as he once was, telling me it gets boring, after awhile. He also seems to want a little more depth, more substance, in his entertainment. Not having the attention span to download full-length movies, guess where he's spending more and more of his summer down time, when he's not reading, hiking, going to the beach or playing video games? You guessed it--on the family room sofa, watching movies. Virtually every day he calls me at work, asking me to recommend something. And when he sees a movie that he likes, such as 1999's Stir of Echoes, he promptly recommends it to his friends, via text, of course.
No, I'm not too worried about our business.


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