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Dennis Maguire: A Common Sense Choice

16 Oct, 2009 By: Thomas K. Arnold

By selecting Dennis Maguire to run Paramount Pictures' worldwide home entertainment unit, studio vice chairman Rob Moore demonstrated a great deal of common sense--a trait we could use a lot more of in this struggling business of ours.
Dennis Maguire is a seasoned, experienced veteran who knows the home entertainment business inside and out, from his early years at Disney to his many years on the international side of the business. And it's precisely this type of institutional knowledge that is critical in our leadership. You must have vision, true, but before you look to the future you need to thoroughly understand what happened in the past. And as one of the architects and engineers of our industry during its greatest growth period, Dennis Maguire is ideally prepped to help position this industry for a comeback.
Maguire is known as a smart, strategic thinker with a great ability to soak things up and digest them before he makes decisions. With after more than 25 years in this business, Maguire has a solid foundation upon which to build and develop his new leadership role, which I presume, at least over time, will transcend the studio and extend into the industry overall.
In his interview yesterday with our senior editor, Erik Gruenwedel, Maguire
said the home entertainment industry has experienced as much change in the past year as it did in the previous 10 years, underscored by the rise in rental kiosks (for the complete story, click here).
Ain't that the truth. Go get 'em, Dennis.


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