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Chart Day!

8 Apr, 2009 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Sorry I haven't posted since Moday morning--we had lots of corporate goings-on these past two days--but I am back in the saddle and gearing up to do my weekly chart story, detailing last week's top DVD and Blu-ray Disc sellers. Nielsen VideoScan and Home Media Research data isn't in yet, but the likely winner is 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment's Marley & Me, a family hit that will likely prove as successful on disc as it was in theaters (the film's U.S. gross is just under $143 million). Marley & Me also is 20th Century Fox's first "triple play" release, with a premium package available that contains the Blu-ray Disc, standard DVD and digital copy. Brilliant strategy--triple plays take care of a household's entire home entertainment needs, all in one neat package. No need to download a movie for your iPod, and certainly no need to debate whether to buy it on DVD for the bedroom (or kid's room) or Blu-ray Disc for the family room widescreen. You can do it all in one transaction....


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