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Boffo Box Office

30 Mar, 2009 By: Thomas K. Arnold

I covered box office for USA Today again, and once again, as I was collecting estimates from the various theatrical presidents of distribution, it soon became apparent that box office revenues would be up significantly from the previous week--a whopping 42.9%, according to our friends at Box Office Mojo. The big release of the weekend was DreamWorks Animation's Monsters Vs. Aliens, distributed by Paramount Pictures, and more than half the film's $58.2 million estimated weekend gross (56%, to be exact) came from 3D showings in the 1,700 screens with RealD's 3D-enabled screens ($25 million) and 143 IMAX theaters ($5.2 million). For the story I wrote for USA Today (sorry, no link; I did the print version only), The Hollywood Reporter's esteemed film editor, Gregg Kilday, said it was "the largest 3D deployment ever." The good news for us here in home entertainment land is that while 3D is only now taking theaters by storm, down the pike it's headed for the home, with many experts believing it will be the killer app that takes Blu-ray from Hollywood to Main Street. Panasonic is already aggressively touting home applications, and 3D will be a focal point of our upcoming Home Entertainment Summit at the end of June. Stay tuned...


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