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Blogger 'Blu's

9 Apr, 2009 By: Thomas K. Arnold

To promote public awareness of Blu-ray Disc, supporters of the high-definition optical disc format have revamped and refocused their Web site, Hollywood in Hi-Def. The wraps just came off the page this week. The most notable is the emergence of "The Blu Blog," written by members of the Blu-ray Press Office. It's meant to tap into the growing chorus of Web chatter about Blu-ray and provide some clarity when misinformation is presented. It's good to see my old pal Scott Hettrick, former editor in chief of Video Business and home entertainment reporter for The Hollywood Reporter, writing and blogging on the site.

As a companion to The Blu Blog, the press office team also is on Twitter (click here to follow what they're up to) and has a fan page on Facebook (check it out here).

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