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Black Friday Beckons

24 Nov, 2009 By: Thomas K. Arnold

I just read a story on the discount wars between Wal-Mart and Amazon that indicated a wide selection of Blu-ray Disc catalog titles will be selling for as little as $9.95 at most major retailers, including Best Buy. And at the risk of again offending the Guardians of Premium Pricing, let me say this is great news for those of us who are anxious for Blu-ray Disc to penetrate the mainstream. Let's face it--in this day of instant gratification, celebrities of the hour and mass ADD, impulse buys are only goiing to become more and more significant. We simply don't have time to draw up Excel sheet holiday gift lists (present company excluded). If we see something that looks cool, we will buy it. The sorry state of the economy means attractive pricing is more important than ever, and under-$10 Blu-ray Disc catalog titles, in my view, is the perfect storm our business needs to finally get this format off the ground. The fact that Blu-ray Disc players will be available for under $100 will further fuel the Blu wave I see coming. Just think--for $200 you can get a player, eight catalog movies and a new release. That's a compelling purchase.

And if you still think I am full of hooey, put yourself in Joe Consumer's shoes. He's got a DVD player, and it looks mighty fine with his HDTV. And yet...he can't help but wonder about this Blu-ray thing, which everyone says is true high definition. He's got his nagging feeling that he's missing out on something.

It's nighttime. Joe walks over to his DVD collection to put on a movie for the kids. He can't help but notice the cases are starting to look a little shabby. He pulls out the first Indiana Jones movie and sticks it into the player. Just past the opening credits it becomes pixelated. He yanks it out, turns it over and realizes it's been scratched to death. He tries another movie. This one works, but still....

Joe pours himself a stiff drink. He vows to hit the stores Friday morning, just to look, mind you. Just to look....

What do you think Joe is going to do if he wanders into Best Buy or Wal-Mart and finds the first three Indiana Jones movies available for $9.95, Crystal Skull at $19.95 and a player for $89?

Joe's no fool. He's going to buy. And once he gets that Blu-ray player into his home and realizes what he's been missing, he will be hooked.

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