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A Little of This, A Little of That....

27 Jul, 2009 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Greetings, everyone. I'm finally back in the saddle after a week of vacation--I tried to keep in touch but the Internet connection at my hotel was horrendous! I got back in town in time to visit Comic-Con on Friday and I was amazed at how big home entertainment's presence was this year. It's almost as though with no Home Media Expo to contend with, the studios unleashed everything they had at Comic-Con. I had a great evening of cocktails with the Universal Studios Home Entertainment team, still agog about Coraline, and ran into countless publicists who were all running around like chickens sans heads. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment had its own booth for the first time, and our own Agent DVD, the consumer magazine we produce each year specifically for Comic-Con, was EVERYWHERE. It even made the Los Angeles Times, in a huge three-column photo of a handicapped girl eagerly clutching her copy on the show floor.

I spent most of today on the phone, catching up on gossip. Tongues are wagging over talk that one studio home entertainment president reportedly has approached Paramount about taking over as worldwide president, filling the shoes of Kelley Avery, but that studio higher-ups are looking for someone outside the industry. "They want a true visionary," a source close to Paramount said.

I also just received a copy of the Entertainment Merchants Association's annual report on the home entertainment industry, a bit anticlimactic now that DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group has positioned itself as the official provider of studio numbers, but still interesting. Among the report's key findings not part of any previous report: DVD rental kiosks in calendar 2008 had a 6% share of the rental market, up from just 2% the year before, while brick-and-mortar rental stores continued to have a commanding 69% share of the business. Do the math and that leaves Netflix and its various subscription competitors, all of them small potatoes, with 25%.

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