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Blu Skies?

13 Mar, 2009 By: Thomas K. Arnold

I was as encouraged as all of us were by that recent Futuresource study that predicted Blu-ray Disc sales in the United States would nearly quadruple this year to 80 million units, up from 24 million units in calendar 2008. And I don’t for a minute question the validity of those findings—especially not after my recent ski trip with my two older sons, Justin and Conner. But first, let me confess: For years, I have been using the fact that I get free DVDs to my advantage. I’ve saved a fortune on birthday gifts for my kids’ friends, and sometimes a DVD or two can bring down the price of everything from a car repair to my wife’s appointment with her hair stylist. So the night before we were to hit the slopes in Big Bear, California, we went down to the local ski rental shop and I casually asked the clerk if I could get a better deal if I sent him some DVDs. His response: “You wouldn’t happen to have Blu-ray, would you? I just got a player and really don’t watch anything else.” This is a 23-year-old kid, mind you, in a remote mountain town. I sent him a handful of spare discs as soon as I got back.

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