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Cinemark Bows Subscription Ticket Service

5 Dec, 2017 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Cinemark, the nation’s third-largest theatrical chain, Dec. 5 announced the launch of a proprietary subscription ticket service, dubbed Cinemark Movie Club.

Plano, Tex.-based Cinemark, which operates 5,957 screens across 533 theaters in the United States and Latin America, is charging $8.99 monthly for access to one 2D movie ticket per month, in addition to 20% off concessions.

Members can buy additional tickets for $8.99 per admission. Unused movie ticket redemptions can be rolled over.

The service comes as the theatrical business model is under siege from changing consumer entertainment habits, including premium VOD and subscription streaming video.

While Movie Club is cheaper than $9.95 MoviePass, the latter affords subscribers access to one 2D movie per day. MoviePass, which is seeking to reach 1 million subs by the end of the year, last month launched a limited one-year pass priced at $6.95 monthly.

To Michael Pachter, senior media analyst with Wedbush Securities in Los Angeles, Cinemark is attempting to retain less-frequent moviegoers — a demographic much larger than avid moviegoers. The distinction is significant since MoviePass pays exhibitors full price for subscriber admissions, and no discounts on concessions.

That said, since Movie Club members can purchase up to two tickets at the $8.99 price, accumulate monthly credits, and be targeted with specific promotions — Pachter contends the program could be successful. 

“We expect the net impact to be positive, with the magnitude dependent upon the program’s ultimate penetration,” the analyst wrote in a Dec. 5 note.



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