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Stepping It Up

30 Sep, 2013 By: Angelique Flores

The second release in the “Step Up Revolution” dance series features Misha Gabriel from the movie

Lionsgate’s Step Up Revolution Dance Workout became the No. 1 dance-themed workout DVD at retail this year, according to Nielsen figures, and now the studio has a follow-up to the new workout brand.

Summit, a Lionsgate company, releases Step Up Revolution: Hip Hop Cardio Burn Dec. 3 at $14.98.

This time, actor and dancer Misha Gabriel from the feature film Step Up Revolution leads the dance routines, along with Micki Duran, who also appeared in Step Up Revolution Dance Workout.

Though this is Gabriel’s first workout DVD, he’s no stranger to dance or teaching it.

“I’ve been teaching since I was 10,” said the 26-year-old dancer, who has danced everything from ballet and jazz to modern and hip-hop — all of which influence his style of choreography.

Gabriel admits he’s used to teaching live classes to more-advanced dancers, but he said the upcoming Step Up DVD is geared toward all ages and is a good beginner and intermediate introduction to dance.

“It has an urban, hop-hop influence and Latin influence,” he said. “But it’s more based on the fitness experience.”

The fat-burning dance workout features four dance routines featuring moves from the movie Step Up Revolution.

The Hip-Hop Cardio Challenge segment fuses hip-hop and jazzy rap freestyle moves; Hip-Hop Flash Mob features breaking, popping and locking; Hip-Hop Hard Core mixes traditional hip-hop and choreography from the film; and Hip-Hop Latin Burn is a salsa-inspired hip-hop workout. In a bonus segment, Gabriel and Duran perform dance routines just like you were in the studio with them.

“If you’re looking for something to get in shape, this is definitely the way to go,” he said.

Gabriel and Duran guide viewers step by step, repeating the sequences and then dancing the entire routine to a featured track.

Gabriel says he’s a huge fan of the “Step Up” franchise, “not just because I’m involved, but anything that will put dance on the map I am a fan of,” he said.

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