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Morningstar Moves Into to U.S. Distribution

19 Aug, 2008 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Morningstar Entertainment, an independent Canadian home entertainment distribution company, is setting its sights on the United States.

The company this fall will begin distributing DVD product domestically, starting with two releases: the critically hailed documentary Garbage Warrior and The Smurfs and the Magic Flute, the latter arriving in stores Oct. 7 in time for the Smurfs’ 50th anniversary.

In addition, Morningstar has just closed deals with Shoreline Entertainment, Maitland Primrose Group, and Ostrow & Co. on 18 titles for distribution in the United States, including Gordon Pinsent’s Heyday, Little Big Top and Fat Head, a response documentary to Morgan Spurlock’s anti-McDonald’s Super Size Me. The company now has more than 50 titles pegged for U.S. DVD distribution, and plans on rolling out 10 releases each month, with three or four that cater specifically to the rental market.

“Having firmly established ourselves in the Canadian market, we have now set our sights on the larger-scale U.S. home entertainment marketplace,” said Jason Moring, Morningstar’s VP of sales and acquisitions. “We have a steady stable of product to release straight through summer 2009. We will continue to strategically build our library and are excited to provide a wide variety of home entertainment products to our U.S. retail and rental partners.”

Founded in 1991, Morningstar Entertainment has represented more than 30 entertainment content producers, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., BBC, Mackinac Media, Facets Multi Media, The World Poker Tour, The Player’s Network, FilmsWeLike, Cine Tele Action, Cite Amerique and Big Motion Pictures.

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