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Gaiam Vivendi Goes for Gold with Blu

6 Aug, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

A mere month after the London Olympics come to a close, Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment will release three new Olympic-themed titles from the Games, including one on Blu-ray Disc for the first time.

The three Sept. 18 releases include DVD versions of Games of the XXX Olympiad: Highlights ($14.93) and Going for the Gold ($19.97), and a two-disc Blu-ray of Games of the XXX Olympiad Collector’s Edition ($39.93).

The Games of the XXX Olympiad will be the first Olympics title to ever get a Blu-ray release. All three titles will appear in retail stores and via digital distribution outlets, which are also firsts for Olympics titles. In years past, Olympics titles were released only on DVD, according to Norbert Hudak, SVP of marketing for Gaiam Vivendi.

“The Olympics ratings have been strong, and in the past fans were only able to order DVDs online,” he said. “We expect to have these available at retail everywhere.”

Games of the XXX Olympiad: Highlights will include highlights from all the games and medal moments, and has an impulse-buy price point of $14.93. Going for the Gold will focus on the Fab Five American women’s gymnastic team.

Games of the XXX Olympiad Collector’s Edition will include Games of the XXX Olympiad: Highlights, Going for Gold, athlete profiles, gold medal competitions, parts of the opening and closing ceremonies, a 50-minute film on the swim teams and more.

“It’s going to have everything, and I think fans will be really drawn to it,” Hudak said.

He added that with the releases, Gaiam Vivendi is aiming to boost its profile as a sports content provider. The company already distributes the NFL Films and World Wrestling Entertainment brands.

“It allows us to expand our position as a great home for major sports brands,” he said.

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