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Study: Consumers Want Live TV Everywhere

27 Mar, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

Adding live, linear content to TV Everywhere services — which focus mostly on VOD content today — is the next step for pay-TV operators, and it’s a service consumers are clamoring for, according to a new study.

More than 80% of 1,000 online video viewers told research firm The Diffusion Group (TDG) they wanted live, linear content with TV Everywhere, and 64% ranked that option as “highly valuable.”

“If there is any doubt as to what pay-TV providers should do to increase the use of their TV Everywhere services and enhance brand value perception, that doubt is now removed,” said Michael Greeson, founding partner at TDG. “Adding live linear access to their delivery options is not only technologically feasible; it would be widely used and increase the perceived value of the subscription — something operators definitely need as prices continue to increase and [over the top] becomes more competitive.”

About half of respondents said they watch live streaming channels already, like ESPN 3, and 65% said they have watched a live one-time event like the Olympics. Three out of four said they were highly likely to use a second screen to watch live content offered by their pay-TV service.

For those pay-TV operators currently offering TV Everywhere services, 22% of subscribers say they’re using the service.

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