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RCDb, Panvidea Team Up for Blu-ray Streaming

3 Jan, 2011 By: Chris Tribbey

Data services company Related Content Database (RCDb) and cloud-based content solutions company Panvidea have teamed up to make streaming content using BD Live easier.

The two companies Jan. 3 said they have developed a solution for cloud-based preparation of Blu-ray streaming video that can process large libraries of content in a short period of time.

“Our customers want a fast, high-quality, enterprise class solution that extends their VOD offering to the global Blu-ray platform,” said RCDb CEO Zane Vella. “Panvidea’s cloud-based media processing engine promises to get them there faster and at lower cost, and with some of the highest-quality encodes we’ve ever seen.”

Vella noted that no studios have jumped on the opportunity to use the 43 million-plus connected Blu-ray players worldwide to stream their full-length content directly to consumers, instead using services like Netflix for streaming movie delivery. He said the low-cost solution offered by Panvidea and RCDb should be attractive to content owners currently using other service providers. It supports AACS-encrypted delivery of high-def and standard-def streaming content.

“Panvidea’s customers will now be able to natively process streaming Blu-ray content and deliver it directly to [content delivery network] partners for [over-the-top] adaptive streaming,” said Chris Cali, co-founder and CEO of Panvidea. “This partnership provides the most cost-effective means for content owners to process their libraries for delivery to any Internet-connected Blu-ray player worldwide.

In August 2010 RCDb, which counts Netflix among its clients, announced that it had teamed with Web-based TV technology company Clearleap to test a system that would bring cable VOD content to connected Blu-ray players.

For a demonstration of the latest offering, contact Panvidea at 212-967-9613 or RCDb at 415-552-1552, ext. 721.

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