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Online Petitioners Ask Disney to Stay With Netflix

21 Aug, 2017 By: Stephanie Prange

A Care2 petition has garnered more than 10,800 signatures in the wake of Walt Disney Co.’s announcement earlier this month that it will be pulling all its content from Netflix and creating its own two streaming services for movies and sports, according to a press release.

Disney will stop licensing new movies to its future rival in 2019.

Care2 (www.Care2.com) is a social network of more than 40 million “starting petitions and sharing stories that inspire action.”

“This is a huge blow to Netflix users and Disney lovers who don't want to have to pay double to access the content we love,” reads the Care2 petition. “The move might make business sense for Disney, which is eager to get a piece of the streaming pie, but the people who power these businesses should be taken into account, too.”

The petition laments the growing number of outlets to which consumers must subscribe to get the content they crave.

“Disney's move represents the exclusivity trend that’s been driving subscription services,” the Care2 petition reads. “Historically, we could buy a movie or TV show from any number of sources. But now, we're being forced to buy subscriptions to multiple sources just to get the content we love.

“We cut the cord with cable so we could have more variety and choice, but now we’re just being pushed back into packaged, limiting subscription models.”

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