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Magic Ruby Develops Second-Screen Apps

4 Apr, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

Second-screen production company Magic Ruby is developing two new applications, one for DirecTV’s “Rogue,” another for Technicolor’s “The Deep.”

For the April 3 release of its exclusive cop drama series “Rogue,” DirecTV had Magic Ruby create a second-screen app that synchronizes with the show live, offering cast and crew information, maps, trivia, bonus videos and social media integration.

For the Technicolor-produced CGI animated action series “The Deep,” Magic Ruby is working on a second-screen application that synchs with the show in real time, offering games, trivia, bonus content and e-commerce options.

“The Deep” is set to premiere in late 2014.

“The response from potential broadcast partners to the demo of the second-screen app for ‘The Deep’ has been tremendous, and it has proven to be an extremely valuable marketing tool for the series," said Steven Wendland, VP of Technicolor Digital Productions. "Magic Ruby clearly understands our vision for the series, and we are excited to work with them to further develop this unique experience, which will allow fans to engage more deeply with the brand, both during the broadcast and in-between episodes."

Magic Ruby CEO Tom Engdahl added: "We believe this highly creative and engaging series is the perfect vehicle for Magic Ruby to demonstrate the power, elegance and effectiveness of the second screen in immersing audiences of all ages more deeply into the story and brand.”

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