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DivX Plus Software Takes on HD Playback

By : Chris Tribbey | Posted: 17 Mar 2010

DivX’s latest software package, DivX Plus, is faster, easier to use, and enables the easy transfer of content to millions of devices, according to DivX product marketer Ryan Taylor.

“We really took a step back and looked at ease of use for consumers,” he said. “We really tried to remove all the distractions from the software.”

That meant improving the software’s library interface and the way consumers transfer content from the computer to portable media devices, mobile phones, DVD and Blu-ray Disc players, and gaming consoles.

DivX Plus is available as a free download for Windows 7, Vista and XP, and allows for high-def, 1080p, H.264-based video to be moved around in the MKV file format. Taylor said the company is working on a version of the software for Mac.

The software is broken into four parts: the DivX Plus Player, including a new DivX To Go feature; the DivX Plus Web player (“the hot rod” of Web video players, Taylor said); a DivX Plus Codec package, which allows for playback on third-party players, such as Windows Media Player; and the DivX Plus Converter, which converts standard 1080p video to DivX Plus HD.

“DivX Plus software represents a major step forward in our mission to create a seamless, high-quality media experience that empowers consumers to enjoy the content they care about not just on the computer but on any device in their lifestyle,” said DivX CEO Kevin Hell, adding the software offers “a bridge between the computer and the living room.”


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