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Australia Gets Disc-to-Digital Access

10 Sep, 2014 By: Erik Gruenwedel

EzyFlix.tv follows CinemaNow in Canada as second retailer outside of the U.S. to offer consumers digital copies of packaged media stored in the cloud

EzyFlix.tv, the Australian online movie store, announced consumers in the country now have the ability to use their existing DVD and Blu-ray Disc collections to access digital versions stored in the cloud.

DVD conversions cost $2 (Australian), with upgrade to high-definition at $5 per title. The digital copy is added to the customer’s EzyFlix account. All eligible Disc-2-Digital movies (about 1,000 titles at launch) are UltraViolet compatible, which means users can share their films with up to five other people and stream or download them to watch on any of their devices.

Compatible digital devices include smartphones and tablets, compatible Smart TVs, PCs, MACs and Google’s Chromecast.

EzyFlix’s Disc-2-Digital initiative follows CinemaNow in Canada as the second retailer outside of the United States to offer consumers digital copies of packaged media stored in the cloud.

Walmart bowed the first (store-based) disc-to-digital program in April 2012. The retailer and Best Buy subsequently offered the service in the home in 2013.

EzyFlix, which is owned by Access Digital Entertainment, accommodates UltraViolet and Disney Digital Copy redemption codes. ADE operates online packaged-media fulfillment services, in addition to websites, including WowHD.com in the U.S.

The company says Australia has more than 50 Million DVD or Blu-ray movies in circulation eligible for conversion. The Disc-2-Digital initiative aims to further digital access to movies without having to purchase electronic sellthrough. 

“When we transitioned from VHS tape to DVD and even from DVD to Blu-ray, technology dictated that consumers had to essentially re-buy their [movie] collections to keep enjoying the films and programs they loved,” Craig White, CEO of Access Digital Entertainment, said in a statement.

Australian sales of movies and television shows on DVD and Blu-ray topped $1.17 billion in 2013. 


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