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Aereo Announces Launch Dates for Houston, Dallas, Miami

8 Aug, 2013 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Aereo TV Aug. 8 announced launch dates its over-the-air digital broadcast service in Houston (Sept. 16), Dallas (Sept. 23) and Miami (Sept. 2).

The controversial subscription service that enables users to stream broadcast television via mini antennae to portable devices, previously said it will bow service in Utah Aug. 19 and Chicago Sept. 13.

“Texas is the fastest growing state in the nation and the greater Houston area is a large driver of that growth. That’s why we’re excited to be expanding into Texas” said CEO Chet Kanoji in a statement. “We believe we’ve built something meaningful for consumers and the overwhelming enthusiasm and response we’ve received has been humbling.”

The Aereo service, which costs $8 a month, includes a cloud-based DVR whereby subscribers can pause, rewind and fast-forward up to 20 hours of programming.

The technology has generated the ire of national broadcasters and media companies, including Fox and CBS, which have taken legal action against the service. The media companies contend Aereo is stealing their programming and violating intellectual copyrights.

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