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Crazy Eyes (DVD Review)

11 Sep, 2012 By: Ashley Ratcliff

Prebook 9/11/12; Street 10/9/12
Box Office $0.006 million
$27.99 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Lukas Haas, Madeline Zima, Jake Busey.

From the average guy’s point of view, Zach is living the life. He’s a wealthy bachelor who spends his days perusing his cellphone stocked with a healthy stash of women to rendezvous with, and his nights out at the bar, where he meets and woos said women, as his bartender BFF keeps the drinks coming.

Must be nice, right?

Wrong. After the initial charm of his good looks and easygoing personality wears off, we begin to see Zach (Lukas Haas) for who he really is: a binge-drinking, womanizing slacker and absentee father.

Crazy Eyes begins with one of Zach’s ever-profound rants about the sameness of the people in Los Angeles, as he goes through his daily ritual of trying to find a companion for the night. The preposterousness of the opening scene is just the right amount of interesting to make you want to watch the train wreck that is sure to come of Zach’s life.

He settles on Rebecca (Madeline Zima), a girl he nicknamed “Crazy Eyes.” It doesn’t take long to see why she was bestowed that term of endearment. After their plans to see the Hieronymus Bosch art exhibit were abandoned yet again (a cutesy running gag), the two proceed to get wasted. Despite kissing passionately, Rebecca calls off anything further, claiming she has a boyfriend. But of course.

The film captures the manic nature of their relationship, as Zach goes through great lengths to get in Rebecca’s pants. Now that I think of it, the whole movie sounds like the conversation between two hung-over guys you overhear in line at the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon.

Haas, Zima and Jake Busey, who plays bartender Dan Drake, each do a commendable job bringing this wild story to life.

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